In the last episode of NTI, our wannabe geek hero had finally made the jump to digital at a breakneck pace.  To top things off, I also was aiming to RECORD the elusive HD streams into the macintosh based on one last minute detail that I learned about: HD terminal boxes have 1394 firewire ports.  However epic fail frustration insued when I discovered that the 6-pin 400 firewire cable I purchased did not match the mac mini.  The cute little boxy thing has a new 9-bin 800 firewire port.

Much needed advice was received from one of my fellow video enthusiast and actual video geek, who pointed to the software needed.  One Apple developer, one firewire SDK, one FireRecord stream recorder binary, one MPEG-2 stream editor and one MPEG-2 codec later and I had almost the complete equation except for the cable.

Now you’re up to speed.  Here’s what happened in the last 24 hours.

I needed a 9-pin to 6-pin 800/400 firewire cable.  I had called ahead and knew that Microbytes was out but Apple had them in stock.  I know I payed the premium by getting it there, but I just wanted to have the right thing. Then I went to FutureShop and returned the useless one.  I got a full refund.

It was just right.  I couldn’t manage to see the signal but I tried just scheduling an immediate capture event and suddenly it was there. Instead of going for conversion and editing I can just use the VLC player to take a look which works fine as well.  I scheduled a show to be recorded in high def and went out to the bar.

The bar was a lot of fun.  I ate too much though.  I had a prime rib with mash and some veggies that was just right. I should’ve stopped there. I was helping my friend with her nachos and that cheese just upset my stomach later.  I was leaving early anyway.  I can’t stay up all night anymore.  As I said in my previous post, this has been one roller coaster of a week.

My uncle on my Dad’s side has a pacemaker and it was not working correctly.  He had to be brought into the hospital where they found the problem.  My Dad has let me know he’s recovering and everyone hopes he should be back to normal soon.  My gut instinct when something like this happens is to check that my Dad is ok first, which I know comes off as selfish.  But I do worry about other people too.  Anyways, my Dad urged me to post something in FB, which I did but I don’t think it carries the same weight.

When I got home I checked the scheduled recording. Yep, full HD and everything recorded without issues.  The file is a little large though. A little larger than 6GB for 1 hour recording time.  My friend also gave me the editor so I can trim out the commercials and the codec so it can be loaded in Handbreak and ripped into a compressed file.  Right now I’m just glad it works and I’m ready for tonight.

This saturday morning I reviewed my choices and called my cable company.  And the one last thing that I didn’t want happening, well… it happened.  I lost NBC, including its HD variant.  Nooooo 😦

I was told to wait an hour and then contact technical support.  I was sure I was doomed.  Well, not totally.  Global does play the NBC signal and Global does have HD, but still I’m not sure if they will run that particular show in HD.  Anyways, the crisis was averted an hour later as tech support and customer support fixed my problem and confirmed my choice of channels.

HD weekend is back on.