I swear it was easier to maintain this blog when it could not be traced back to me.  It’s a fine line I walk sometimes when I write here, knowing there is a chance someone from work could be reading this 🙂

For those that know me (and I can count those with one hand and have fingers left over) they’ll understand when I say I’m not much for acting the adult role.  I’m not saying life has nothing to teach me.  You live, you grow, you evolve.  But there are little sparks that stay with you from where you were young and foolish.  People will step on those.  They want you to act like a grown up.  They think they’re doing you a favor by killing them away.  These people are not intentionally mean, and have the best intentions at heart.  But if your sparks burns strong enough, you’ll find they evolve, come back and change, usually for the better.

Don’t know what I’m talking about? Move on then 🙂 Away with you.  Just kidding. Chalk it up to NTI being silly (or whimsical, word I’ve been overusing in this blog lately).

Yesterday I reconnected with an old friend.  We had not talk in forever, so when she asked me to go with her friend to a movie I accepted without thinking.  I was not in the mood for a scary movie though.  Turns out, neither was the director… the movie was laughable to us.  I can’t believe some people were screaming though… I saw two girls watching the movie from the door, ready to bolt.  A door moves and they freak out? I was a bit wary at the start thinking it was going to scared.  But as the supposedly scary stuff started to unravel, I was bored.  At least we found it funny.  Most of all, it was good to be talking to my friend again and since her friend spoke geek we spent time talking about comics and puters as well. All and all a great evening with a bad movie.

I barely made the gym yesterday, but I think running to it almost made up for the short amount of time I spent on the treadmill.  I also had to run to work this morning since I had not set up my alarm clock last night (made it with time to spare, and got a good run).

I didn’t practice my lessons last night. I still have tonight, my class is tomorrow. I also have early shift at work, so this is going to be two busy days.  Friday is booked, a friend is leaving for a job offer overseas.  Saturday is double booked, and I don’t have the video thing sorted out yet!  Holy cow… my week and weekend are full already!

Isn’t it funny how that always happens…