After a phone call earlier in the week, I faced the music this past Thursday, and took my first class.  If you’re an avid reader (and I know there’s not much of those) you might have noticed I did a short post and took it down.  When there is only one thing to report, that’s not much of a post to… post.

Halloween! I love this party.  If you don’t count surprises, this is the last cool scheduled party in the year I look forward to.  Only day I have a valid excuse to bring out the whimsical in full force.  This time, however, I didn’t crash a party.  Out of the blue, I had a bonafide invitation to a costume party.  Win! 🙂

I must admit, I was a bit late and the metro just kept delaying me further.  First the green line, then the orange line? Come on! Once I reached NDG, I took a cab (I had missed the bus for about 5 minutes and the next one would show up 30 minutes later!).

I talked to everyone at the party who would talk back… which happened to be everyone.  It always amazes me how this happens to me in Montreal.  Then again, I have the nagging suspicion that it’s not Montreal.  It’s me.  I have realized that I can talk to everyone nowadays.  On the other hand, it’s Montreal who makes me feel this way.  Either that or the beer.  Besides the hosts, I didn’t see any of my friends at the party, but I made some new ones.

I practiced some of the exercises from my first class yesterday.  I was really rusty in the beginning but getting somewhat less sucky once done (either that or my perception is really warped).  No new challenge though, but that’s ok.  I got a few things done.

Happy Samhain, everyone! =)