I’m awake, what about you?

I’ve become really addicted to music lately.  Even when I don’t have my ipod handy (oh woe!) I have some sort of tune going in my head.  I think it’s something you can never have too much of, and always have too little.

The gym habit is fully engaged.  I’m not doing anything hardcore though, I just walk on the treadmill for about half an hour with an inclination.  Not much of a weight loss win to brag about right now, but I can feel a bit stronger walking up that dreaded climb to Sherbrooke.  I have consistently walk to the office every day for the last month.  Back and forth.  I can’t promess I won’t take the bus come the snow season though.

I got my phone call.  I start classes this Thursday.  I have a feeling there’s so much details to work out.  I have a teacher, but am I signed up?  The voicemail was a bit confusing.  He went “8:30, 7:30 but it might be moved to 8” and then later added that he will see me Thursday at 8.  I left two messages for him (I got his name wrong the first time crap crap nice first impression huh) and told him I’d be there at 8 and to confirm me if the time changes.  I might have to be there earlier since I’ll have to account for travel and wait times.  I do have to switch metro lines to get there, but no bus line is necessary.  It will be my first time in the metro carrying the case, so I’m a bit concern about it getting smashed.

I need to find some healthy alternative to my supper.  With the classes and the gym my schedule is going to be tight and I’m going to be so tired.  I fell asleep early evening after the gym.  I’m glad I got my stuff to the dry cleaners before they closed.  I guess I was pretty tired.  I had pizza tonight, and a soda for the first time in weeks.  The pizza was good, the soda was so not worth it.  On the other hand,  I had not had pizza for so long that I felt I deserve it.

On other news, since I got up at 3 am I opted not to sleep.  I was browsing iTunes and had my credit card handy.  Duh. On the other hand, I got some new tunes and supported a few artists instead of downloading for free.  I wonder if someone would ever do that for me.

Wow, it’s 7am. Time flies when you’re having fun.  To my few readers, I wish you all a good morning and a great day 🙂