Another line from Disenchanted.  This song gets a lot of playback in my ipod.  I’m not a big fan of MCR, but I must admit a few of their songs are in my favorites playlist.  The live versions on youtube are not my cup of tea.

This weekend, I finally dropped the news on my friends.  I’ve left the project for the movie adaptation of Blank Slate.  I’ll do whatever rewrite they want, and I’ve given the movie rights to my friend G (yes, I was going to drop the letters from this blog but I do want something of a record here).  The director’s chair is now vacant.  It hurts me to disappoint them, but if all goes as planned I’m not going to have any free time soon.  They need someone committed to the project 100%, and that’s not going to be me.  I just hope I have friends left after all this.

All goals require time and practice… and that always means sacrifice.  A lot less partying, a lot more commitment.

Inadvertently, I exposed this blog to someone at work – one of my managers actually.  I connected this to twitter and forgot that he’s actually following me there.  The guy’s cool and I count him among my friends/colleagues but I still have to be careful what I say when I get too whimsical. I took away the tweet with the link and disconnected twitter but there was still an hour in which I’m sure the link was public.

If all goes as planned, I will receive a call this week with a schedule. It’s been a week already, have I been forgotten?

Of course, that also rises the question… what if nothing goes as planned? Well, then I improvise.  That’s one thing I’ve learned how to do.  At least this time, I won’t start from complete scratch.

I’ve been dealing with some sort of flu. There was a bit of a fever but it seems to have blown over between friday and saturday.  The coughing persists.  I’m hoping to get rid of it by tomorrow.

Halloween’s next weekend.  I can’t wait.