Yes, I am sick yet again.  I had a cough yesterday morning that slowly got worse as the day progressed.  I was feeling my head getting drowsy by the minute.  I am intent of getting through this flu as soon as possible and fulfill my weekend schedule as planned but my resolve is slipping.  A colleague of mine advised a homemade remedy that just made sense: 4 oranges, 2 lemons, honey and brandy.  I took it yesterday night. Not recovered today.  Drowsiness and headache pretty much guaranteed I would be staying home from work today.

No calls… except the classic buzzer ring at 1 am of someone wanting to get into the building.  My fault for leaving the phone on so late.  But I still haven’t received the call I expected.  I really want to follow this dream (yes, I know I’m being obscure but if I tell you I feel I’m jinxing it).  Actually my intention is to follow a few dreams in parallel. Anyways, I went over there only to found the director was not there.  I have to keep waiting (darn darn darn!).  I will have to get used to waiting… but I hate delays.

News from the old country were scary and then good.  Everything and everyone is ok, but there was more than one reason my blood ran cold for a few minutes while reading the update earlier this week.  A constant reminder that health should always be a priority for all of us.  I don’t talk too much about my dad and my sister here since I want to respect their privacy, but not to mention them at all would also be uncaring of me.

Hope I’m ok tomorrow.

I couldn’t find an official video for My Chemical Romance’s Disenchanted, but here’s another favorite. Welcome to the Black Parade!

I prefer the CD version.