I couldn’t say it better than Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers.

What’s with all the blatant LYING in the news lately? The balloon with the kid, the woman who said airport security took her baby,  fabricated rape and kidnapping incidents… The very worst thing about these incidents is that they will cause future reports of serious crimes to face even more skeptical investigators.  You’re making things worse for people who actually are victims, please STOP.

I’ve gotten back in the habit of going to the gym regularly now.  I’m not building my biceps or anything, I’m trying to just get some exercise. I walk on the treadmill with an inclination for 30 minutes. That’s about it. Yeah, I’m not ready to run any marathons soon.

I followed a lead to take some lessons, but although I’ve heard back from the director I have yet to get a schedule. The waiting is killing me… Hence the Tom Petty song reference. I want to start right now. But, I have to wait… argh!

Coming up this weekend is what could be a milestone meeting of the B club.  Unfortunately, I got a sore throat. I’m going to take extra good care of it, which means hot stuff to drink/eat and lots of rest.  I’m tired of getting sick on the weekends.  It’s a stupid pattern I’m trying to break. Grocery list will include two lemons, four oranges, honey and brandy for a recommended home remedy.

I have to get some new clothes, including winter jackets and shoes.  I want some livelier clothes, too much black in my wardrobe already.  I know black is slimming, but there’s no slimming this gut.  I sincerely want to believe some of my decisions (no more soda) are having an impact but I hardly look slim.  I want some happy clothes. It will depend on how bad is my throat on the weekend though.

I’ve added My Chemical Romance and Fall Out Boy (besides a young female singer that will go unnamed to prevent public ridicule) to my ipod.  Currently very much hooked on The Black Parade album.  Yes, I know it’s old.  And of course, Dire Straits still gets a lot of play time.

I’m sure I had something else, can’t think of it right now.  More later then.  I’m trying to get my phone to ring telepathically.  Yes, I know.  How pathetic of me =P