I’ve been thinking about this post for a while now.

A long time ago, and I mean like the last century, I started a personal project of mine called getting my Canadian visa. Long, very long story short, that dream concluded with me moving over to the city of Montréal.  From there, I had to strive to adapt, get a job, get a place to live, get friends. All those things accomplished, I should be happy right?

Well, yes and no. The real goal in my life, which I think should be everyone’s, is to be happy with your life. To really do that you have to always have goals to reach AND strive to reach them. Reaching for happiness should be an everyday goal and challenge. Like a friend of mine once told me, to be happy you have to be happy where you are now.

I started this blog in a different website and eventually ported it over here. When I started the original one, my one and only goal was for it to be honest.  Later on, I added a second goal. I would keep this from becoming another emo blog by keeping it upbeat.

However, there are moments in my life where I doubt myself or feel unhappy with the current state of affairs. Those are the wrong times to take any decisions, and therefore the wrong times to write anything… anything you wanted published that is.  Writing has always been a cathartic exercise for me. The only way then that I can keep blogging then is to always be positive.

There are things in my life that I want changed – or to be precise, improved. I want to feel better about myself, therefore I need to better myself.  I love how that expression in english makes sense, at least to me.  I’ve been trying to eat more balanced, get a bit more exercise (I went to the gym on the weekend! Yesss!) and have been trying to listen to new music.  But as I discover new songs and new artists I have found my tastes a bit mixed.  On top of that, some artists speak to the young generation – which sometimes reminds me that I’m not young anymore. Then I feel like a old perv, specially if the artist is female.  I don’t know why that makes a difference.

Even some of my possible new challenges are music related, while others branch into past and future interest. This is a list of possible challenges that I may consider taking on the near future.  This is a draft, no promises and/or commitments yet.

  • Learn a music instrument.  Guitar is the one that keeps standing out. So, take guitar lessons!
  • Like whatever artist I choose to like, regardless of what people think.
  • Take acting lessons.
  • Take dancing lessons. Whoa. Big one. Means music AND exercise.
  • Exercise (I finally went to the gym again, so yay for me)
  • Eat healthy. This plus exercise SHOULD get me the side quest of losing some weight, but the primary goal is to feel better about myself.

I went by Steve’s yesterday and I have an address on where to take guitar lessons. It’s a bit off the path so I’m not sure if I’m going to end up taking them there.  McGill’s University Faculty of Music is a few steps away from me. Then again, that’s way too formal. I’m sure someone gives guitar lessons in the plateau.

It’s difficult for me to be vocal about every artist I like.  My first remorse is that since I am latin, most people expect me to like only latin music.  The other is that I am supposed to only follow people in my own age bracket.  I’ve gotten over the first one.  The second one, well… it makes me feel old, not to mention a perv and a stalker, to listen to young artists and follow their careers.

But I am not dead yet 🙂 And I think that dying and/or retiring is a bit far yet. I want to accomplish a few happy goals in my life.  Career wise I could care less, what pays the bills and doesn’t kill you will do. But music and theatre are inspiring and make me feel younger.  I want to do something in those departments.  The world may tell me to grow old and accept my age.  I don’t want to do that. If I’m going down… I’m going down swinging 🙂