Best. Party. Ever.

I had a lot of fun Friday night.  Also, I had my friend’s birthday party last Saturday.  Lots of drinking, but I called it a night before any more tequila was had. Still fun, and managed to get up in the morning.

Spend my Sunday labelling all the mp3’s in the mac mini (Silver).  It’s amazing how little people understand of id3 tags… All mac forums were amazed by the fact that some people could not attach an album cover manually to their mp3’s.

Of course, if you don’t get your mp3’s from Apple but have old ones that you have encoded yourself without and id3 tag, the album will not stick.  Contrary to what you might think, iTunes does NOT add id3 tags to existing mp3s that didn’t have it in the first place. It will allow you to edit it if they had it already. However, you can resort to re-encode them with AAC. The iTunes will then accept manual artwork. Time to set up a geek category in the blog… Long overdue, actually.

I’ve lost most evenings to labelling mp3’s but it seems I’m close to done.  I’ve also set up Silver with shared folders for Obsidian to be able to see it. Silver has no problem seeing Obsidian already.  Silver now has a remote account via a service to be able to be seen from somewhere else.

Dad needed some help with hotmail… Too bad I didn’t see the email but I was out again today.  Anyways… sent him the info.  Tomorrow I should have more time to invest.

Me out…