So much to blog about, and no time at all to do it.

It has been a extremely busy week. I got a lot of chores done.  Strangely enough, I kept running into people I know every day. This should not be strange since I was running around during rush hour, but I did not expect it.  I took it as a sign that I should appreciate my friends a little more than I do. Meeting a different friend every day really lightened my mood considerably. Meeting E on Thursday, oh dreaded day, was a godsend. No, you don’t know who she is… stop guessing.  It was so good to talk to her, and seemed she wanted to talk too.

I took a day off from work and ended up sleeping/spacing out most of the day. Just as the day was nearing to a close did I get my butt in gear and started getting the items of clothing that were required for tonight’s event.

My view of the outfit has changed drastically… for the better. On one hand, the items were easier to obtain. I did go on a scouting issue the day before. I could’ve just obtained them then, but it was good that I waited.  On the other hand, I did spend quite a bit, although based on what I have obtained it’s not fair to catalog them as expensive.

I have no excuse to wait the entire day to get up though.

This is of course part one,  the event starts shortly so I must get ready… more later.