I think simplicity is underrated 🙂

I have very good friends.  I can get along with most people I meet.  If I don’t get along with someone, I try not to think anything of it.  I don’t keep any enemies.  To be honest, doesn’t take much to get along with everyone.  Most people I know are easy, and the ones that are not are still friendly enough.

I like nice people.  They’re warm and they make me want to be nice too. Mean people suck, but the good news is they leave on their own, I’m boring to them.  It’s hard to remember the last person who was mean to me.  I’m not building up to some giant rant.  I’m just taking my time to smell the roses and say life is good.

I had a dream about Taylor Swift the other night.  No, not that kind of dream!  She was meeting fans at my workplace for some reason.  No, Kanye West didn’t interrupt her. Can you believe she’s nice in dreams too?  Too much YouTube I guess…

I got the Arkham Asylum game for the PS3.  I also got the mac mini.  Of course, I’ve done nothing but configure and fiddle around with the mac. L gave me a tip to fix the audio, which I just want to try right now! But I’ll have to wait until the day is done. I do have to switch the keyboard to an english one and return the anime DVDs I rented first.  I also have laundry to do and a new episode of HIMYM to watch tonight. Busy monday.

Dust bunnies are rioting.  Cleaning my appartment is long overdue! Oh, the title? Listening to some happy music lately.  Just happy lately.

Wheee 🙂