I can’t believe how tired I am today. Then again, I can believe it.

This weekend started on Thursday.  I got a monster mojito with K and C.  Friday night at the Pub Club was another round of drinks.

Yesterday was a blast.  Some friends and I went to the Beer and Flavor Festival at Chambly. The ride was eventful enough for me as I had not been in a car or left Montreal in a long time.  I’m considering doing that more often.  I guess I walked around a lot more than I’m used to in a day.  Beers were had as well.  Yesterday night I went to bed knowing I would fall asleep as soon as I touched the bed.  I hadn’t felt that tired and ready to sleep in years.

Still that’s three days in a row of a liquid diet and the festival’s food would not rate above the regular pub fare if not lower.  Some abstinence is required today.  I can feel the warning headache of not eating healthy this morning.  I’m getting some fruit and vegetables into my system today, and I intend to enjoy having them as well.  I think I’d enjoy getting lunch at Le Commensal.

I was planning on biking it up to Mont-Royal again this weekend. I don’t know if I have it in me. Arms and legs feel like I ran a marathon yesterday. I may need to postpone it for tomorrow.

S’ birthday is tonight. It’s at a restaurant – which is good, no drinking required and I definitely could do without it.

On other news, I am still debating over the mac mini project. One of my colleagues at work has a mac mini that he uses as a media center for his tv.  I think that’s so cool.  It would allow me to watch any of my backed up iso DVD’s and video files directly on the TV.

My pros for it are as follows:

  • Another notch in my belt. Windows, Linux and now Mac
  • All the video files accessible directly on my big screen TV
  • All iso’s of my movie DVDs now browsable and playable instantly on my big screen TV
  • iTunes becomes a way to access movies
  • PVR


  • Spending! It costs money to get it, and knowing me I would go for the 2GB model
  • Waste. Do I really need another computer? Seriously, do I? I’ve got too much computers already. It’s not like I use them all at the same time.  Carbon (the netbook) runs alongside Obsidian (the desktop), but Aluminium (the laptop) doesn’t get turned on unless I’m either doing my taxes or scanning something which happens rarely.
  • Clutter. More stuff. That is a big one.  I want to simplify my life.
  • There’s also the subject of a lack of imagination. With so many computers around, I could seriously rig up something already. I could hook up Obsidian directly to the TV. I could control it with Aluminium running on my desk. Hell, I could even control it with Carbon. However… I’m much less prone to turn the TV on.
  • Would I end up using it at all? My PS3 gets little use as it is. Do I really need another excuse not to leave the house?
  • Thanks to my friend J for suggesting this one. Why don’t you just buyb a cable from your computer to your TV? For that matter,  I could just put them next to each other.
  • Macintosh. On HD. How many games are there really out there? Do I really want to put a non-pc in charge of the big screen TV and not play games on it?

And then there’s Diablo 3 coming out. Blizzard has so far made all Diablos for PC and Mac. To top it off, they might make a PS3 version.  Due to all that, Diablo 3 cancels itself out between the pros and the cons for the Mac Mini.

And the psp go is coming out. I know it’s not worth it. I would only get it for the Remote Play, and that is buggy.