I received a voicemail from my bank this Friday.  My access card was cloned and the bank had blocked it.  I’ll have to make a note of it.  Since I was on my early shift, I got off early from work and got a new access card from the bank.  I was surprised at how easy it was, but not really thrilled at the fact that the new one has a chip on it.  I will have to consider a RFID blocking wallet now.

I’m finally done with my early shift week.  There were a few advantages, but all in all it felt like I couldn’t do shit in the evenings.  Just in my mind, but I’m glad it’s almost over.  I can’t believe I agreed to do one additional early shift on Monday too.  I had to get some sleep tonight so I didn’t go meet E & K.

I did get to go see District 9 last Tuesday.  Good movie, good plot and development. Now I need to go see Tarantino’s Inglorious Basterds.  Perhaps I will do that next Tuesday.

I’m up early today.  I need to get some stuff done this weekend.  Some reading and writing will be good activities to focus on.  So glad I finished the screenplay for Blank Slate.  I also want to get some BlazBlue and Shatter action going, come on! The Mac Mini temptation lingers.

I’m addicted to Ikariam.  I’m still very early into the game and I’m considering buying Ambrosia already.

I need some new clothes.  Perhaps E is right, the dryer upstairs destroys the clothes.  More than a few pants are not good for anything.

Today I’m going out with the foodies for some snacks.  That should be fun. I need to catch some Z’s and then probably a breakfast.  I could do Cosmo… but it’s way too far.  Moe’s would be fine too and it’s closer.