The screenplay for Blank Slate is finished.  I don’t know if this project is going to go anywhere, and I’m not sure I want it to go anywhere.  G is taking some vacations during which J and L should have time to learn their parts.  However, I’m not sure about L anymore.  I’m tiring everyone else with all this drama.  The B club is nearing its expiration date.

I’m covering the early shift at work which sucks.  I can’t do anything in the week like this.  Had some downtime yesterday which was a much needed stress reliever.

New temptation! I’ve been thinking about a mini mac as a multimedia center.  I’d hook it up to my TV and get a remote keyboard and mouse.  A colleague of mine has the same setup and works great. Another alternative is the popcorn hour.

Getting chilly here.  Summer is starting to back away.  I’m holding on to the small pockets of warmth. School is starting and you can hear the students’ crazy antics all the way from the street.  I’m starting to use light jackets.  I need to get a couple of sweaters.

I’ve had to cancel a few events this weekend, I need some rest.

Back to work.