Chapter 1: Life 101

I realized these might sound a little too high and mighty – they’re not. They’re actually more of suggestions or guidelines, but for me. I’m re-editing this post to shorten it up.

  1. When you have many tasks to do, do everything.
  2. If you find yourself unable to start your day, start cleaning up your place or do laundry.
  3. Never do laundry on a sunny day. If it’s sunny, go out! If you don’t have a plan, go to a park.
  4. Write lists.  They organize your thoughts and plan out your day. If you did nothing, at least you wrote a list.
  5. If you catch yourself compromising your ideals, re-evaluate them. Some might need discarding.
  6. Don’t promote hate. Be uncool and remain a warm and approachable person. Mean people suck
  7. Read. If there’s no plan, pick up a book. Read is your default action. Carry a book wherever you go.
  8. Write. If you can’t, start reading your work. You’ll start editing it in no time.
  9. Use your free time wisely. If you tried something new and it isn’t fun, dump it.
  10. Don’t do something you wouldn’t do willingly just because you feel guilty.
  11. Question everything. Including this list.
  12. Happiness is a worthy goal. Suffering isn’t a lifestyle. Once in a while, have an ice cream.
  13. Be positive. Have positive friends. If you both enjoy each other’s company, keep them.
  14. Break rule #1 when you can. Procrastinate and have fun.