I’m downloading Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog to my netbook. I thought I’d blog while that happens.

It’s 3am. This is the only time of the day I pause and reflect upon the current state of affairs. It is also the time realizations come to me and new decisions are taken.

Motivation tends to disappear come early morning.

The name of the blog has been changed once more to the old reliable NTI.  The “anywhere the wind blows” may inspire in the way that Queen’s free-spirit hymn does. In my experience change is a violent thing though. Decision, motivation and change doesn’t appear before me like a leaf in the wind. It shows up only after a swift kick in the nether regions.

Coming to Canada was the most outlandish decision I took. It was not the wind blowing. It was not even a kick in the rear even. It was more like a lightning bolt right in the heart.

Using that expression as a segway, it’s my heart – and more specifically, my health – that I’m worrying about. I’m becoming too sedentary. That is not to say, I want to stop blogging, or browsing the internet or playing games. What I do want is balancing the indoors and outdoors more effectively.  I’ve been eating and sleeping too much lately, which means that I don’t eat healthy and I don’t get the right amount of sleep at the correct times of the day. Case and point tonight.

Happy belated Canada Day. I didn’t even make it to the port. I was so close to it yesterday after work but I chose to come home. Even then, I could’ve just taken the camera and gone back. I didn’t even try.

I talked to my friend O online and it’s been the latest topic that everyone in the B Club needs to change our ways.  We’re just getting together to eat and drink.  Not that it’s a bad thing but without moderation it’s becoming bad for us. The B club is going to have to change its ways and add more physical activity and have less food debauchery on its menu… I mean its roster.

Last night I saw Stevie Wonder’s concert from the roof. Comfortable, yes. However I should’ve tolerated a bit of crowding up and tried to get closer if only to hear him clearly. However there was something to be said about being able to talk with J, G and L. It was almost the B Club together again.

Even by myself, I need to go back to the gym and also try to get the bike out as soon as the rain stops.

More activity and less sleep. I never thought I’d find myself supporting that idea.