Summer! I took out the bike today! Hold on, let me start in order…

Great weekend. I had time to replenish my batteries on Friday. Saturday I had O’s event which went smoothly. Then we had a chocolate break at his place with J. He had to go, but O and I continued on to my place since I had some ps3 action to check out. We visited chinatown later for some late night dining. We both got the same fortune, which is the first chinese cookie fortune I remember from when I was little: Sing and rejoice, fortune is smiling on you.

This morning, bike ride 🙂 Short, since it was my first time out since summer last year. I had a chance to put some air on the tires at le maison des cyclistes. Then the laundry room was packed so I didn’t even try. I went to vote at the consulate on Peel. Then I had a late brunch with O. We chilled out on the balcony afterwards.

There will be a lot of activity coming up this week. Lots of expenses as well. I am ordering a netbook. I have finished Joe Abercrombie’s The Blade Itself and Before They Hang, so I need to read Last Arguments of Kings, which is not available in the same size than the other two and hence I will need to order it.

I have events coming up, making next weekend even busier than this one. I have to commit to eating right (if not less, at least right!). I also need to get into an exercise routine all over again.

And… well, if this summer is not going to be the one I finally find that other half I hope at least I get to meet a few nominees.