Best vacation ever! The Boston trip was the icing on the cake. I had the best of times with my Dad and Sis. I made small reports through my facebook status. Lunch was always an event and usually we’d get a nap afterwards. I actually felt good helping my Sis with a few things that needed done around the house as well.

I met with some friends last saturday after coming back. O, J, L, Ka, B and a few letters more. After one stressed friendship I learned something. I appreciate good friendships a lot more. A friend is someone you feel at ease with, someone you can be yourself with. You are relaxed with your friends. I found myself enjoying their company because it takes so little effort to do so. Sharing doesn’t have to be a painful and long exercise. My stressed out former friend would gorge on drama. A self-absorbed person will always be deluded by her own opinion. I don’t wish that weakness on nobody. Nobody.

And on a similar subject, L. He can get annoying real quick sometimes. I’ll see how that goes, but if he becomes another stressed out self-deluded character, I’m kicking him like a bad habit!

I finally caved in and bought a new camera. I checked out the reviews and went with the Canon PowerShot SD 880. I used up my store credit obtained selling old games to cover part of the price. The salesman kept offering stuff. I did caved and got the minimal protection service plan. Yes, I know those plans are a scam but if I end up getting a lemon I want to make sure there’s no excuse to return it! Now it seems I will have to go back for the case and the extra battery.

Housework! Blah. I cleaned my bathroom and my kitchen floor. I had postponed it for too long. They were very filthy. I also tried to get rid of some of the grit in the bathtub. I had to use some industrial strength stuff to do that.

And I need to get to work. More later.