Have you ever been mean to a stranger in the street? I was tonight. I pretended not to speak English and a beggar got belligerent with me. Then, a few minutes afterwards I went back, apologized and gave him five bucks. Now before I went back, I spent several minutes considering getting into a fight with him. A man in the street asking for change. That’s my evil side and my naive side fighting for control. I went with naive.

Also, I just discovered someone in livejournal can make you a friend without asking. A privacy issue, imagine that. I’ve spent an hour and a half changing all my entries from public to private. That’s me being anal. There’s an option to change them en masse, but -you guessed it- it’s only for payed accounts. I’m seriously considering coming back to this old blog of mine. I know I can’t see it from work. Hell, that might be a good thing – one less distraction.

I went out today with my Dad and my Sister to the Cirque du Soleil. It was excellent. It did make me feel like a kid again.

After the beggar incident and resolution, I went out to St-Laurent, closed this weekend so all the shops and restos could take the street. As I came back into the building, I changed a few words with a girl that couldn’t work the entrance key. She ended going up to my same floor. I should be nicer to people all the time.

Je prendrai un minute pour dire bienvenu a mon ami O a blogger… son site est ici.