Besides being the famous last lines of Queen’s magnum opus Bohemian Rhapsody, I’ve always used this post’s subject to describe my state of mind where I’m following any path that appears by coincidence to my train of thought. A mouthful, huh.

Let me explain.

You’re at a crossroad. You’re deciding whether to take path A or B. Suddenly something unrelated happens that bears some resemblance to either path. I call those universe’s hints. To paraphrase Paulo Coelho, when something is meant to happen the universe will conspire to make it happen. In my case, sometimes I get little hints. They are very subtle (yes, I know I use that word a lot) but they’re also clear without being blatant.

Today was an anywhere-the-wind-blows kind of day. I did my usual Wednesday routine, which is to go get some comics by Concordia University, and then I altered my route and took the green line until St-Laurent metro station. Then I grabbed the 55 line bus and traveled north on St-Laurent until Anne-Marie. I was going to find powdered saffron and I found it on the latin-american products store.

Next to that store was Cafe Rumi, a place that a friend of mine, C, had mentioned on his comment to me regarding my last disaster of an event a week ago. Middle eastern cuisine. I went in had the kafta plate. Very yummy. I also had tea and stayed there reading until the tea was gone. I walked home feeling better.

BTW, I got a receipt for my citizenship application and the booklet to study. Very cool 🙂

A work colleague has found (and apparently mastered) Demigod. I’m no longer original. Dammit 😦

My sis finished her last paper. WTG! 😀

I did find saffron, so I’m going to start doing a whole new batch of llapingachos tomorrow.

That will do for now.