This is what happens when you don’t blog in a while. There are a lot of things to update, some so old that are not even relevant anymore.

So here’s what has happened since the last entry:

  • I won my burnout license in Burnout Paradise.
  • My dad and sis are traveling over to visit me. I got them tickets to Cirque du Soleil.
  • I got into a new book saga. I’m currently reading Joe Abercrombie’s novel The Blade Itself.
  • O had landlord issues. I helped out on what I could. All solved now.
  • The BFC productions held auditions and we have our cast now. That was fun.
  • I had an event for the Cheap Ethnic Eatz. It went sour. I had two people get up and take off in the middle of the event.
  • I researched and bought a game called Demigod.
  • Due to a potluck that’s coming up, I’ve done my first ever attempt at cooking llapingachos. Missing some spices!

Let’s expand on the more relevant themes a bit.

The Demigod game has been the one thing in a long time that has made me go back and start my windows partition. It took a whole morning of installing updates to make sure the windows was current. The game has a steep learning curve. I’ve since lost twice. Once miserably and another time after been close to winning and then failing to realize what was up against, neglecting to attack the actual demigod enemy character. In the desktop, it runs great with all the features and textures up and looks amazing. Doesn’t handle that well in my laptop though. The first runs were pitiful. I used Sedna against the Unclean Beast and then against the Rook. I was using Regulus (the fallen angel with the crossbow) and going against the Oak. I didn’t realize that the creature that kept coming at me was none other than the Oak Demigod itself! I never used the demigod-specific skills (which I had ready!) against it. Foolish of me.

I have to come up with more events for my Dad and sister. They’re not that fond of eating out, or eating much at all. I need to find other activities to do with them. Probably I could take them to Mont-Royal park and take a boat cruise on St-Laurent river.

The book saga The First Law by Joe Abercrombie is off to a good start. The first installment, The Blade Itself, is a sure winner for me. Very absorbing and wicked so far. There’s a lot of raw characters and some evil humour there.

Llapingachos need work. There were ok, but they don’t taste as good as my mom’s. I’m going to try adding chives, lowering the saffron and onion powder or perhaps even dispensing of them altogether. It needs more salt, but perhaps some Mrs. Dash will help. Rice although instant, was a mess.

Montreal is being a bit chilly and even rainy during the weekend. Today the sun comes out. I’m at the office on a holiday. Will work both holidays so I can get time off when Dad and sister get here.