I’ve gotten a few things done today despite being sick.  The biggest one, I finally wrote down the second revision of the movie script draft. This script is right now an amalgam of director’s notes, camera notes, props, scene and last but not least, the actual movie adaptation dialog. I feel this Blank Slate story has run its course. It’s hard to edit anymore. I keep thinking about writing something new to get out of the rut. This blog will have to do with now.

I also catched up on three missed TV episodes of Heroes and one of Fringe through the net. I also finished Emergency: This book could save your life which is the latest novel by Neil Strauss. I think I want a copy of The Game as well. I also want to finish God Emperor of Dune so I can move to the last book in the original Dune series by Frank Herbert. I won’t be following on the other novels written by his son.

Last weekend I finally posted something new on my board (that’s not on the internet, my actual physical posting board). I’m so glad it has something from this year now on it but I still kept a few older clippings I still think are relevant.

I got Oblivion and Metal Gear Solid 4 for my PS3. I played Oblivion up to the point I’m finally outside. It was not that bad and I might get the hang of it. On the other hand I seem to be losing interest on Burnout Paradise *gasp*. I think it’s just a phase of frustration since I’m stuck on the GT 500 Burning Route. I could still move along and try other events before tackling that one but tonight I went back explicitly to find a new route to try. I failed several times, but I’m sure I have the correct route – if I can manage that slippery fishtailing car.

Work has been a mixed bag. It’s been busy, it’s been frustrating, I had a positive review but I was rude to a colleague and lost my cool. I made amends at the end of the day but I still think something’s been broken there.

Had Friday off for Easter, but spend most of the day sick but stubbornly on the computer. I’m going to catch up some sleep.