Don’t try to flirt up a girl on the street by telling her that cigarettes will kill you. You end up sounding like a creep or worse.

But odds are most of you knew that already.

Let’s backtrack. Last night, after sending invitation letters to my family for visa renewal, I was walking near Place Phillips and dodged a homeless guy asking for money. Then I had one of my non-patented moments of what I will call destiny awareness, where I get this hunch that my life may or may taken a turn between routine and adventure. I have the completely unfounded belief that when I get those I can actually change the future.

Two things happen right then and there. One, I will take the safe path almost inadvertently so. Two, I will stop and go back to change any inane action I had just done to correct my path into the one less traveled. I call this time travel. If done in a timely fashion it appears to work.

If this sounds to you like I should be taking some stronger meds, you might as well skip reading this blog altogether. Please lose the link and don’t come back.

So last night I went back and gave some quarters to the homeless guy. Next, I just took things like they come. I saw a sandwich place and got some takeout. I saw a girl smoking on the street and delivered that botched line that probably make her go call the cops. Okey, that was a swing and a miss. I talked to a girl in the elevator (in french) who actually spoke back to me. That was nice.

Switching topics, I want the Dell Mini 10 so bad I can taste it. This is an upcoming rumored netbook with amazing stats, wireless-n and killer optional features like built-in TV tuner and GPS. Here’s the link.

On even more shallow affairs, I found my perfect subject for a station check. The game is Burnout Paradise, and I seemed to be hooked. I keep hearing warnings it gets insanely hard later, but so far seems like the game and in high definition it looks drop dead gorgeous and feels like a blast to play.

I finished the first draft of the movie script for Blank Slate for the B-club. I have submitted it to the creative team to see what they will say. To be honest, I don’t have too much faith this weekend project will get off the ground but I’m enjoying the creative process. Once we get down to the business of making this baby we’ll be singing a different tune.

It’s K’s birthday party this friday, so I’m skipping out on the gang’s outing to Juliette & Chocolat. I will see a lot of them this Saturday at Chipotle & Jalapeno, though. That’s a brunch I’m organizing, so I will have to be there.  I’m looking forward to it.

Weather’s acting up, which is good. We’ve got a few degrees less cold of a winter season. Unfortunately, we also have some rain and slippery sidewalks which is no good for activities. I haven’t had the inclination for skating.  Project X only had one day out of this whole week, and I actually tried asking J out. Turns out she has a bf, which was to be expected. I have to work on my stage-exiting skills when my botched lines don’t work.

Now go do some time travel. It will make you happy, I assure you!