I’ve been sick and had to cancel all of my weekend plans. I didn’t have a lot of them, but still I was looking forward to the friends meetup with karaoke on Friday night and the dinner on Saturday night.  As I was, I couldn’t make either of them. I was really sorry as I was looking forward to both. At least the weekend wasn’t a total loss.

Leg Godt! (Danish)

Ole Kirk Christiansen would be proud. this was an indoor weekend and contrary to previous reports, I’ve barely done a station check. Instead, I’ve done nostalgia lab which is also something I’d been putting off.

I actually completed two sets before I took a break saturday to join the B club. The idea of putting a set together didn’t seem like much, but it was a little journey in time for me. First, of all, I find I can still locate missing pieces quite fast – although two or three gave me a bit of a fright. Second, I could see how changes or improvements have been made to angles, grips, surfaces and axles since my last incursion. Constructs are either easy, as in one piece does it all, or rather complex – as moving parts contain a lot of elements where in the past one turning block was sufficient. All and all I will say there are quite a number of improvements and I’m glad I got these sets, albeit some large pieces felt like cheating. The results were also positive although some unstable boards that fall at an angle without support feel like a cop out.

That was a lot about nostalgia lab. I still have one more set to go through, and then experimenting should start on another slow weekend.

On to the B club’s pet project: turn Blank Slate in a little film school experiment. This story (included in a previous post of mine) was the target of discussion on Saturday. We’ve got a lot of stuff to cover starting with a synopsis that we can offer the uninitiated we might need to involve when shooting. Also, we need a movie script and probably a story board immediately afterwards. I should start with the synopsis and the script for the next get together. Location is going to be the last thing to get. We’ll need to start practicing the dialog so we can do practice takes. Optionally, do some practice location shots which G might try.

Last night I was doing nostalgia lab while testing video transfers. I finished the second set, and felt tired although I itched to go out. Took a nap that became deep sleep until this morning. I was really tired and I believe still sick as my head feels heavy. I will still have to take it easy today, so I will stay indoors. I’ve got more than enough stuff to do indoors anyway.

Play well, everyone 🙂