Time, time, time, See what’s become of me

So begins the lyrics by Paul Simon for the song this post is named after.  I believe most of the rules I set myself against are based on saving time, that most precious of all commodities. This Monday became short in hurry, with me spending after hours time at work just to get a darn transfer started and then wasting time watching TV instead of getting Project X time out of the way. Add to that an unnecessary visit to the grocery store and I ended up getting home at around eleven.

No time to devote to any of the new tasks that I’ve committed myself to. Regarding the station, my skill is still at zero and I am feeling regrets. I think it may have been an impulsive purchase. I can’t seem to get into it.  A brand new task is now nostalgia lab. This one requires a few elements – I have three sets so far. I should just get into it but I’ve used up all my time already. Hopefully I will see some progress on nostalgia lab tomorrow, but the station check is going to be difficult to bring up to speed.

The B club meets Saturday. They want to do project hollywood out of my Blank Slate story.  It’s way too much of an ego boost to be asked to elaborate more on a story of mine. That and the time it will requires makes me think about bailing out. I know this might be read, but still I always tell the truth here. I have doubts about wanting to do this because I might want it too much.

The temperature rose this Monday at noon. Then it dropped just a bit and I had ice to deal with when I got off work – late on top of it.  I don’t like being force to use my measly skating skills on the sidewalk when I’m trying to get home.

I like the Bangles version of Paul Simon’s song (look at the subject). I guess that makes me shallow… Then again I prefer the GNR cover version of "Sympathy for the Devil" rather than the original Stones’ version… On the other hand, some songs are just never as hardcore as the originals. Take Joan Jett’s "I Love Rock and Roll" that Britney epic failed to turn into a hit for herself.  Some things are better left alone.