It’s good to be home again in Montreal after being home in Guayaquil. I let myself go a bit this time, and for some moments it felt like I was returning instead of visiting.  The visit was short but plenty of events with some cool downtime to spend with family and cats. Leaving was sort of sudden but it’s better than a drawn out epilogue.

I have the tendency to create traditions for myself. I acquired this habit a long time before coming to Canada, but I’ve only acknowledge it lately. It is a worthless exercise.  For instance, one I just did away with was getting the free calendar on Canada Day. That calendar ends in September… useless.  Also, I liked visiting all the places I loved in Montreal (quite a few) before leaving for my holiday vacation. I guess it was my fear of not being able to see them again. It was a waste of time at a time where there is so little of it.

I did a lot of stuff yesterday. Reorganized back all my travel stuff back in place and shredded a bunch of worthless stubs. I went shopping to Galeries d’Anjou and spent most of what was left in my gift card on two pants, an actual twelve-month calendar and the Monty Python video collection. A little was left which I had no clue what to do with so I gave up. I also did some needed groceries, refilled my metro card, renewed my cellphone, tested the antenna and uploaded pictures into fb. That last one was a pain since without java I have to use a simple uploader that only allows for five files at a time. I ended staying up late.

Today it’s been a very slow start. I should’ve started laundry as soon as I was awake but I procrastinated. Anyway, I’m doing it now and I should be done before the stores close. I did reorganized my bookshelf and I managed to fit more books using the two-row system for the smaller pocket softcovers. I have a lot of books that remain unread!

The days are becoming a bit longer, there’s still some light left between 4 and 5.  That should cheer everyone up.