It’s easy to watch TV.  It’s easier than going outside and trying to make a connection with someone. TV shows are all about themselves, but their focus is entertaining you.  With real people, you need to share time and attention.

I have always been a fan of escapism. Fiction has shaped most of my views and has been a constant throughout my life. In particular, it has taken the main stage when I would not have had anything to do with my life. That would explain how I come to know so much movie trivia and couldn’t tell you the first thing about personalities or events back in my country.

Back home, everyone knows everyone. Meeting strangers from Ecuador is always a jarring exercise. They want to locate me in the ecuadorian universe and can’t. My father and my relatives are easy, but where did I fit in? I was mostly a ghost. No political party. No business connections. Not a fan of any of the local soccer teams. I can name schools, universities, workplaces and very rarely does anybody remember me being there. I didn’t participate in anything for the most of my life. What little references I can give, I can rarely remember people’s faces or names.

I was a child of television first, then of the internet.  It took leaving my country for Mexico to make me open my eyes to the outside.  And if Mexico was an exercise, Canada was the real thing. Now Ecuador feels like somebody else’s memory.  I didn’t quite grew up there. I just aged.

It was nice seeing people last wednesday. They were chatty, I was too, and everyone had a great time. S asked me about my stories. I should publish them somewhere. It’s time to hunt for a story website.

BTW, the title does also have a reference to the Lost TV show. I have been watching all seasons to catch up. Season 4 is not out on DVD. I keep surfing for it.

This saturday the B club might hold a meeting, sans G. Hope it’s possible.