I was going to stay home watching movies and playing video games this weekend. It didn’t happen that way. I feel good about that.

My weekend seemed to start on Thursday. I joined a group at the Sala Rosa. We ate tapas and paella and watched flamenco dancing. I had planned to leave early, but ended staying up until 10.

I went swing dancing on Friday. It was harder than I anticipated. I performed rather poorly to my dismay, despite the coaching of several girls. I still had fun, and now I might want to join seriously. The problem is that I’m already committed to project X financially and it will take more time. Still… the idea is to be active and I found myself sweating a lot.

On Saturday I did my laundry early. I also reconciled my data for the residential calculator application on the CIC website. I have 1,045 of the 1,095 days required to fulfill the physical requirement for citizenship. It will take 50 days more, which the application sets on the 23rd of November. I’m marking that day on my calendar.

At some time after noon, later than agreed upon, I joined O and G for some breakfast. I have to thank these guys for putting up with my antics, as they’ve seen my neurotic and obsessive (not to mention unreliable) side. Strangers get to see your good side and friends your dark side. How does that work? They pushed me into the speed dating event later that night. Thank you so much for that. It turned to be just what I needed.

Fast forward to that night at Le Belmont. I have done only one of these events before. Last time, I don’t know what I was thinking. This time, I was not thinking anything except, obviously, trying not to think anything. Try un-focusing some time, it’s not easy but works wonders. I found myself having fun. Most of my encounters that night were positive. Most also were in français which was an extra bonus. I was the one asking english or french this time. I managed to understand and be understood just fine. There’s hope for me yet.

Last encounter of the night brought on some deja vu (I promess, that’s the last time I will stress something with italics… in this post). We were interrupted by an announcement from the host thanking us for the evening. Although that meant theencounter was over, most people finished talking to their respective dates. The girl I was talking to turns to her friend (who stopped talking to her respective date).  They started talking among themselves for a minute until I just decided to get up.

I’ve seen THAT before. I’ve lost interest and dumped girls over particularly THAT. You want to know how to lose a guy, or at least a guy like me, in one minute? Start talking to your friend, who you see every day, without stopping or involving your date in the chat. Specially if it’s the last minute chance you get to talk to me. I took that twice from girls in my life and not taking it again. If you’re not interested in your date, your date is not interested. I will walk out on you.

Putting that aside, the outcome of the evening was VERY good (last time for the caps in this post too). I found something positive about almost everyone in my list! I spoke to girls in french! I had more than a few girls laugh at my silly jokes! (I had to explain a joke to one girl) I got interrupted in most of my encounters (I swear this is the last time I use parenthesis in this post). That is a good sign, it means there was more chat to be had.

In closing, I guess I should turn on the other screen to make it somewhat of a movie weekend. I got some recommended blu-ray DVDs that look good. Planet Earth is definitely amazing to look at, and a very good nature documentary from the BBC. I may hit the games later too. This is one busy weekend.