Everybody needs it and has the same amount of it. Everybody receives it but uses it all up by the end of day. You can’t store it, sell it or give it away.

The commodity of time, however, becomes very precious this late into the year here in Canada. The amount of daylight time, to be precise, becomes shorter. The break of dawn doesn’t come early. Night falls earlier. Day is shorter.

My evenings are full. Movies, videos, internet, games and once in a while, a social activity.  I’m cutting back on those, as it’s becoming apparent I don’t always enjoy meeting random people. However I still enjoy the company of friends. Last weekend was a perfect example as I bailed out (no pun intended on the current US economic situation) on the end of summer party (mostly strangers and probably older) but attended a movie night with some friends.

I serious lack social skills… ugh.

And I haven’t written a THING. I thought I would at least have a draft of Gear of the Machine (working title) and nothing. nada. zilch. rien. zero. So I decided that I would blog about nonsense even though it’s a waste of time.

Actually no, I don’t think nonsense is a waste of time. Do you remember your dreams? They’re usually a bunch of incoherent imagery. It’s your mind clearing up the recycling bin. So give some time of your day to nonsense (no more than an hour, don’t make it your way of life) and your stress will clear away.  Of course it would help you if you didn’t accumulate any stress during your day. That’s what I’m working on. Perhaps I will add small doses of nonsense to my everyday routine.

Get serious – lighten up! =)