Hello there.

I talk too much about myself. Whenever I have an idea, a thought or just something to share it’s hard to actually not share it. Tell me a secret about someone and I will keep it to myself. But something about me is hard to keep a secret.

Once in a while, I will try to keep something secret just to see how far I can exercise my own discretion. Since my friend O was going to be visiting yesterday, I decided to spill the beans earlier. Yes, I bought the TV. In the end it was cheaper and I got a service plan for free.

I also finally told my dad about my plans for next year. I don’t want to be included in the family vacation. I will make my very own.

I had the week and weekend booked but I thursday was heaven when we postponed the team event and suddenly I had thursday for free. That was great.

Friday was the end of summer party from meetmarket, and I had bought a ticket. O was over here returning a suit and was the first to take a look at my TV. We went for supper. Afterwards I just decided to crash. Woke up at 11pm and just went back to bed.

I have been neglecting my instincts as of late. I wasn’t at all convinced with the service at East India and did the event anyway. It went ok, but the service was a low point, and I should’ve seen it. I also foresaw the week being busy and still bought the ticket for the end of summer party.

I know this lesson from past. if I stop paying attention to the signs, I stop being able to read them. Today I will be attentive.

I turned on spore, a bit scared that I might not be entertained anymore. Yes I was. I’ve changed my creature around and add hands, wings and pincers. I have to see some Lost this weekend. I should make a list.

A few secrets still remain…