A few things…

I’ve caught the gadget fever and I’m thinking about a new TV. My current TV works just fine, a 21" generic brand old regular cathode with analog cable. I’m thinking upgrading to the HD species. I will postpone getting the HD cable service though. It’s unclear how much it will cost me but it seems like a expensive upgrade. The TV is the 32" LG30 that has, as I’ve confirmed, an analog entry to stay on regular cable. It also has HDMI input.

E lend me the fabled Lost seasons 1 and 2. It’s going to take me a while to go through them. I want to know if the first seasons were as good as the hype around them. This is also making me think about getting the TV this weekend.

My other temptation is a playstation 3. Actually it’s two games, Soul Caliber IV and The Force Unleashed that are making me drool. Cervantes used to be a great character to play on xbox on those long days in Orangeville. The Force Unleased is the first Star Wars game in which the Force is finally kicked into hyperdrive. Add to that a more than decent storyline that any of the prequels and you’re satiated. The drawback(?) for some is the short duration which is a plus for me – I’m a slow and casual gamer. On the flip side, I hear it has its slow moments as it goes along and the first levels are actually better than the last.

The playstation 3 also plays blu-ray DVD movies (!!!).

Changing to other gears, although still on a similar topic, I bought a new PC game, Spore. It’s pretty cool. And it’s the weekend. I’m trying not to come down with something. It’s getting colder now. Sun is out by 6:20, goes down by 7:30.