I took a trip to Boston to help my sister move, it was a nice week and a half. Besides moving stuff from one place to another, I was glad to see my family and we did manage to get some family time. It was great to see dad and sis. Besides Ikea and target visits, we spend some time walking around and we tasted some great food.

Boston is cool, but it’s not Montreal. I’m glad to be back where I feel I belong.

The very day of the trip I decided to mail these two stories before leaving:

Blank Slate

A man arrives at the floor of what seems to be a department store, but he remembers nothing. This story is so close to many episodes of the Twilight Zone that it feels like I’ve seen this episode. The idea of this story came to me when I visited the Ogilvy’s department store.

Destiny Cafe

Previously named "Draft", this story sounds way too familiar to me now too. A foreigner has gotten involved with the wrong crowd trying to make a buck. He skips out on the plans to a robbery and decides to face the consequences. The idea of this one came one night walking by St-Denis and Maisonneuve.

Since I ended up falling asleep after coming back from the trip, I’m glad I decided to send them BEFORE leaving. I actually had one more story idea come up while I was traveling to Boston. I may write that one anyways. The draft idea here:

Gear of the Machine

A man lives and works inside the bowels of a the Machine, cleaning pipes. His assistant is a very young kid who is smart beyond his years. The exact nature or purpose of the Machine remains unexplained. One day, they are visited by an Engineer, one of the few capable of understanding the Machine and living outside of it.

I managed to get some books: Necroscope, Dune Messiah, Children of Dune and Sunshine. I also finished Stranger in a Strange Land during the trip.