I want to write a story that I can send to the CBC writing contest.

I’ve been having a difficult time coming up with a topic. I thought I could rewrite and post one of my previous stories, or pick a draft of an already started one. However one of the rules concerned me. I believed that 1200 was a lot. It is not. I actually took the time to go through my old stories, since that gets my creative juices flowing again. I’m happily relieved of the fact that I can write a lot more than that.

This are the list of all stories written up until now.

Finished Stories
Stories I have finished. Some of these have even been read by other people.

* The Invitation
An action-intrigue story of SyrVant and Lisbeth set in a futuristic world ruled by Doms. Despite the BDSM atmosphere, there is no BDSM in this story. This one is not published, but I did send to a few people for reading. They were all friends, so despite their positive feedback, I doubt this is publish material.
7447 words

* Sky Fire
The first story set in Exxei. The legend of Prince Ignatius and the epic fall of the Kingdom or Erythro. This used to be my magnum opus, so I keep correcting it from time to time but it would be a children’s story… if I were to take out all the blood. I have had quite a few people read this one. It’s published on my old website.
23305 words

* Secret Agent Luna
A short fanfic with J. K. Rowling. Shortest story completed to date. It was originally posted on the Chamber of Secrets, but the website got revamped since and it has been lost. I still have a copy of it but I haven’t reposted it.
2870 words

* The Filch Factor
A murder mystery in the world of Harry Potter… with none of the kid characters. The longest story I’ve ever completed. It was originally posted on the Chamber of Secrets and got great reviews. It also disappeared when they revamped the site. It was still short by CoS standards because they have stories that keep going and going forever.
31996 words

Unfinished stories

* Enter The Raven
The original draft of a mythos that I later named the Nocton, which was never even written. This in my mind is too visual to be a written story. Feels a lot more like a comic.
3294 words

* Last of the Sith
A Star Wars fanfic set after the original trilogy, which I started long before the prequels came out. I believe I tried to rework this one by taking away the star wars background but found myself uninterested. Could rework some of the material into a larger story.
14790 words

* Legacy of Deceit
Another Exxei legend, this one meant to be the start of a series starring a swordmistress. I couldn’t quite pick up the momentum in this story, although I liked the characters. Haddia was a joy to write, but Rawn always seem forced. I can see myself recycling the characters and some of the material into a richer setting.
17877 words

* Blog of War
Several entries of a war diary in a steampunk world, meant to be published as a blog… This was part of a larger story, but it didn’t take off.
1092 words

* Kingdominion
The original adventurers that saved a kingdom suddenly remember their past… and are once again called to arms. I have plenty of twists and turns in store for this one, but it is ment to be a book.
4437 words

Story Ideas

* Day of the Ravenclaw / The Askaban Affair
A second murder mystery in the world of Harry Potter, again without the kids. However this takes place outside Hogwarts, which makes things a lot more complicated. I wanted to introduce some new characters in this story, but keep Minerva and Snape as the leads.

* Dream Keeper
Science, magic and religion colliding in a futuristic world. This action-adventure plot has a lot of elements but it is centered on flight. There are some steampunk elements here, as well as a lot of RPG influence.

* Draft
The unnamed story that I started with. A Montreal story in the hours where there are (almost) no people around. The convoluted figure of speech I am using to write this is making me a little dizzy here to continue. I may be just trying too hard.

* The Inmate
Another candidate. A man wakes up in a locked room without remembering who he is or how he got there. He receives visits from a doctor and a military officer. He starts to pick up the pieces and tries to find out who he is and what has he done.

* Blank slate
Similar plot device about memory loss. Starts with a man is in the middle of a non-descript department store. Who he was is not important in this one, but rather who he wants to be.