It’s past midnight, so it’s officially August 6.

Today I did a few things that turned out very cool. I finally caved and did my dental checkup. No cavities. I also went to see a movie "El Crimen Perfecto" (The Perfect Crime) with the Movie Meetup and MMA. The movie was really good. I stayed afterwards to talk to a few people. I met V. She was very nice to talk to.

As I walked home, I had my ipod on shuffle and one my theme songs (the current one) got played exactly at midnite.

I have to visit a few landmarks for Mom. These are what I call temples. One has to be a temple for Mom. That will be a church. Not a large cathedral but a neighborhood church. She appreciates them more. Another must be a temple for me: an inspirational place in the city. That is usually Place-des-Arts or the lookout up Mont-Royal, but I could try finding another one (terrace bonsecours, la grande bibliotheque). I usually pick a popular third temple as a famous landmark or a popular gathering place as the temple for the world. That third is not critical though.

More on the next entry.