The popular festivals are done. No more jazzfest, fantasia or just for laughs. Fantasia brought about A, but she never found the time.

The end of the week had my birthday, which included a visit to the Keg on thursday and one very well organized and fun surprise party on friday. O is a really good friend. We ended up at a karaoke place with a group of friends willing to sing… or at least to stay. The B club also had a meeting on saturday. Saturday afternoon was actually lost as a I fell asleep.

Sunday has been reflexive. I managed to drag myself out of bed and go biking up Mt Royal and later finally went to my first Otakuthon. Didn’t had as much fun as I thought by myself.

On thursday I went to see the Dark Knight. There were a group of friends there to see another movie. They found it sad that I was there by myself to see a movie on my birthday.

There are things I do by myself because I have such a diverse range of things I like to do that most people have a completely different level of interest. For instance, certain movies I may be very interested in seeing to the point that if I bring someone along I will be extremely annoyed should they decide to talk during the movie… For that very reason, I prefer to see those kind of movies alone.

On other things, such as comics I know other people are just not interested and I feel I’m dragging them against their will.

I lost my chances with G by asking her out on short notice all three times. With A, she was working at the time, I couldn’t have been more annoying. With C… well, you get the idea. M was really never approached, in case you’re wondering. I’ve edited this paragraph a bit since it contained a lot of negativity that was true at the time. It did not endure, I stayed a positive person, so there’s no need to write it down for posterity.

After the long transitional period to adapt to life in Canada, and specially Montreal, I have become very comfortable in this city. One of the best cities to be alone in (centreville at least), the city itself becomes your friend. Larger than all challenges I’ve faced in the past, this one implies meeting people in a place where I have no family, no cultural background, no history. How do you do it? Well… you just do. Believe and achieve. Never think impossible.

I can’t help but remembering my favorite saying, originally by Bob Dylan but said better by the Kurgan in Highlander….

"I have something to say!
It’s better to burn out… than to fade away!"