I’ve had lots to do lately as you can tell from the lack of entries. I’m going to do a quick summary, because I need to get going here.

I went to Quebec. I took the full tour and got to know the old city and the country. I visited Montmorency falls and the Ste-Anne Basilique. It was quite fun but exhausting. I also walked around a lot and got to eat some interesting food. Had some snails for the first time. I made friends with N, a restaurant hostess, and asked her out. We went out the next night with some of her friends.

I had the early shift Canada Day so I got out early and went to the old port for some fun. Not much to do, so after a while I just went to the Van Bram concert at the Jazz Fest. It was so packed I ended leaving early.

The Fantasia film festival started. My friend J got me into the pre-sales and I got some good movie tickets. It’s still going on. I met A when getting my tickets. We agreed on meeting later. I also met C who told me that tickets were still available to another movie which I got to watch and we had a nice chat afterwards.

The Montreal Jazz Festival finished last sunday. I got to hear this group, the Albino band from San Francisco, who were really good. I didn’t get to meet anybody, but I still had a natural high from that long weekend.

Finally, there was the last pub crawl of the Pub Club. Mostly old faces, and I’m glad we were joined by some regulars like E and W. We went clubbing afterwards until late. It was a nice ending for the Pub Club meetup.