I am convinced now that the power of friendship will get you through anything.

I haven’t posted in a while since the last entry. In the interim, I have done dragon boat racing and… missed my chance for doing white water rafting. I will be doing some rock climbing this Saturday.

I was in a funk yesterday. After a weekend of failure, in which I forgot to be on time and I was french-impaired with my very own friends +1, I had a Monday helping out new guys at work. That went fine except that on Tuesday I was backed up with issues and had a full mailbox to deal with. I was also quite pissed, and ready to snap at colleagues (I actually snapped at one, not that he didn’t deserve it). A storm came down, lifting my spirits a bit.

But it all ended that very same day, yesterday evening, when I had an Ethiopian dinner I was organizing for the Cheap Ethnic Eats, E’s group. I had a great turnout. The AC was down but it was breezy enough. The waiter spilled water, not once but twice – on the same table. He did a couple of magic tricks, which made up for it. There was a lot of mingling and talking. We had a few new faces too. It was fun.

Afterwards, some of us went out for ice cream and walked home. The chat will not be disclosed but it was fun and got rid of any leftover bad mood that was left. Thanks… best evening ever.