Project X is officially on hold and… who knows.

It all started on a whim last Wednesday. Long time ago, G had told me about one of this ventures that brings people together for an activity, mainly an adventure of sorts. Sounds familiar? It is. Turns out my friend L is also there. Haven’t seen them at an event there yet.

But I digress. What I did do that Wednesday was create an account. Thursday I got a call from D. Thursday I was dining at the House of Jazz with people I didn’t know. J was going on about a new event, treetop trekking ziplining. She had taken the last spot but D offered to put me on the waiting list. Friday I got a call, I was on.

Friday was also a night out at this latin disco by S’ group. I had a lot of fun and I got to dance with G =). I also saw F who I met the night before.

Saturday we went to Arbraska park. Everyone had a blast. I handle ziplining ok, but got defeated by the obstacle course on the Eagle… I will go back there someday and beat that one. It was great to talk and meet people that were of the same mind to try all things anew. I’m already signing up for a few new adventures.

My arms are killing me, and I’m betting my back is going to be groaning too tomorrow but it was worth it. Breakfast club meeting tomorrow sans J. I hope I’m able to walk.