I must confess I haven’t made any progress narrowing down the whole CBC writing contest entry to one idea. Although my intention, for once, is to stray into the realm of the relatable tales-of-the-city kind of fiction, I find myself reluctant to present any first person character that is average.  More later.

Business at hand the past weekend was twofold. First I attended a birthday party for my friend C. Unfortunately, I didn’t know the rest of my party companions but I was able to chat sparsely among them.  It’s surprising how often the subject of Facebook turns into a relatable (word of the day, it seems!) pool of stories. Camaraderie ensues quickly on this topic.

The other, and dare I say, even more grandeuse event was Mother’s Day. My plans on these turned amazingly good and not too late into Sunday which is the weekday with the shortest lifespan. Three temples were visited in my private homage. The first one was Mont-Royal park, which season was regally inaugurated by riding my mako velo up the monte, amazingly without more than two stops in the first try this year. The second temple was a visit and a chat with Mom on the neighborhood church. I was lucky to find it empty. I can’t reveal too much on that, but I believe it was very cathartic to use a church that resembles the one Mom used to visit. The third one was quite short: just a stroll and a stop atop the stairs of Place-Des-Arts. I strongly believe this spot is my eglise, and as such my departing point and a quick refill of resolve when I need one. As a real church, staying too long is not beneficial. You charge up and then you tackle on your life with gusto. I must apologize for the continuous use of italics as of late.

I did attend mass services on a chapel at the end of the day, but I didn’t stay after the lectures. It wasn’t as heartfelt an experience – nor as interactive. I refrained myself on using italics that time, you can breathe.

By Sunday’s end I was watching some rentals. Southland Tales was a waste. The Golden Compass was… not up to my fantasy standards. Elements were there, but just not amusing (I almost did french and italics on that last word…). As much as a bigger story could be told, itwasn’t and so, I was unimpressed.

But La Grande Seductión was well worth the cost of renting the other two duds. I was sure it was going to be a bore – it wasn’t. On my previous life devoid of sense and filled with recycled clichés, it would’ve been stopped at the beginning. But on my current life, this was one shining example of why I love real movies (shut up, that one I had to do!).

I’ve also renewed my love of comics – actually this is not recent, I started sometime last year and now there’s two boxes already filled with them. And a floor of my library. I’ve tried new titles from Marvel, Image and Top Cow but Batman remains my favorite even after so many years.

I just came from watching BenX. Only newer generations can get this film centered about an isolated, sociopathic, online RPG gamer, but the message is an old one. I liked watching the film but it’s very hard to recommend it to anybody. I don’t think I myself end up liking the message, but it was quite an absorbing movie.

Project X went from the drawing board to first contact. I dare not reschedule anything right now but everything is on the table. That includes my precious Friday routine.