This weekend I had a ton of to-do things done. I tried a new, healthy, grocery store. All good, except the loaf of bread. Found corn 😀

It was E’s birthday on friday. I had had the week and Friday from hell and had a cough but I didn’t want to miss it and she wouldn’t forgive me if I wasn’t there. I was only planning to go to the restaurant but got convinced by A to come to the cafe. I had a nice chat with J. She was cool but I was a bit distant although trying to fight it. I had to leave at around 11. I needed some sleep. T gave me a ride to my neck of the woods.

I also went to see Iron Man. Nice pop-corn flick made better just by the sheer awesomeness of Robert Downey, Jr. Some detractors say there should’ve been more action. I didn’t care for it at all, I just wanted to see the ultimate Tony Stark performance.

Sunday I did breakfast with some friends at the new Eggspectations in front of Place Des Arts. That was cool. We went for a walk afterwards and got some gelato.

At night I got some time with S at K. She’s nice. We had a great time.

Monday and my cough is still here. I don’t want to get sick. Chicken soup time.

I found a writing contest from CBC Montreal. The inscription is $10 along with 4 copies of the story. It’s in English. 1200 words. Entries must be postmarked on or before August 31, 2008. I feel I’ve been waiting for this one for a long time.