I joined the Arts and Culture meetup this week. We went to the Science Centre’s IMAX last night for the showing of U2 in 3D. It’s a concert from U2 in Argentina that was filmed in 3D. The effects and the sense of depth and proximity were great. It was almost like being there. I have to give props to P.

I was late to the pre-show dinner due to trying to do everything at the last minute yesterday. But I almost did! I started cleaning up my apartment. There’s still a lot of cleaning to do besides taking the rug out to the balcony and shaking it out and vacuuming. The bike check-ups are scheduled now and so far they’re booked until May the 16th. I got a haircut and learned T is moving out to Cote-Vertu. I also went comic-book crazy at Millenium and Comix. All that before the show.

After the show we went for coffee at the Keg. I had not eaten so I got some mini-burgers (yum!) and some rum and coke. I went home on the 55 talking to L and his guest, S. I’ve never mentioned them before here. L, he’s from Australia and looking for a job. S, she’s from London and works locally for a government office. L is on a lot of meetups, S is only here for a week. They’re fun to be with. We rode the bus together until my stop, they live further up north. I may meet them today if they’re going to St-Helene.

I had a dream. I was buying clothes in some non-existant mall back in Ecuador somewhere in my neighborhood. I was trying on pants and suddenly I couldn’t find my original pair. Then Mom handed another pair someone had left behind but with my wallet on it. Turns out someone had took my pants and cleaned out my wallet. Some documents were left behind, but all money and credit cards were gone. My mind was racing, but I couldn’t remember if I had taken out my Canadian Resident’s card out of my wallet after arriving. Mom said she didn’t think so, since it was less than 24 hours since I had arrived. Did she say it in Spanish or English? I woke up so startled but relieved that it was a dream. I even checked my wallet. It took me a few moments before I realized Mom was in the dream. It’s been so long since I’ve seen her. She was there, not nagging me about my naiveness but supportive.

Bike today? I was thinking Cosmos, but come on… that’s a lot of calories. Then I thought Moe’s… I may IM G and see what he’s up to. I should go biking a bit at least. Then I’ll try to be here before noon so I can get/make the call from L if they’re up to going to St-Helene’s.