Weekend came and went. I’m happy I went to all my friend gatherings. I did overspend money this weekend, but I got some shopping done too. I got new boots for winter and shoes that can be used for everyday or going out. I also spent some doe on trade paperback comics.

No new developments on the heart front. There’s a couple of phone calls/mails I should make. As spring finally rolls in, it’s time to stretch the muscles and see if can get rid of some gut. Nevertheless, I don’t want to deny myself the flavors of Montreal dining. I just need some activity to balance things out.

I’ve been reading a lot of books lately. Dune was a heavy read. I also read Chuck Palahniuk’s Fight Club which was good. I ate up Orson Scott Card’s Ender’s Game which was another of K’s recommendation. K loaned me Dune Messiah, but I must admit it’s heavier to enjoy this one after Dune. I started Harry Turtledove’s Into the Darkness which has a truckload of characters but it’s such a guilty pleasure to read it. I also bought Speaker for the Dead, the next book in the Ender saga.

Writing, save for this blog, hasn’t had his time to shine lately. I have to move my priorities around, but I think at least the exercise of moving my fingers across the keyboard as I’m doing right now helps a lot. I add sentences sometimes just for the sake of using my old dreaded typing skills which rarely go beyond the two fingers-per-hand ability.

I haven’t done ANY gaming lately either. At least I wanted to tackle 1701. And I keep feeling guilty when I see ads. for Rappelz.

More later.