After much consideration, I volunteered and flew to Calgary last week. Came back to Montreal on friday.

It was a business trip, mild but eye-opening. Setting business aside, I’m glad I made the choice of living in Montreal rather than on any other city in Canada. There is something about this city that is unique. This is not to say that Calgary sucks – it doesn’t. I could’ve seen Calgary as my destination were I to have never lived in Montreal.

I seriously couldn’t consider any other city right now. Montreal is a melting pot of cultures, with all personalities converging into districts and areas which mostly have both residential and commercial freckles mixed on each neighborhood. Flavors are uniformly distributed.

Calgary obeys the suburban model, where commercial districts are large and wide with very isolated residential options. The real residential areas border the skirts of the city in a typical american (or I should say, north-american) fashion. Cars are the norm, pedestrians the exception. Finding yourself walking alone is not uncommon. Public transportation is limited to a few bus lines, and it seems scarce. The buzz word for it is suburbia. I didn’t mind Calgary for the week, and I enjoyed most of the trip. I was glad to come back on friday during daylight.

On the flight back, I was chatting with one of the flight assistants, T. She seemed very nice. I don’t know if I could do what she does. Perhaps you get used to it.

I didn’t go to the Pub Club, but I did go to the Dim Sum event on Chinatown. I messed up during the bill and actually end up paying double. I was being warned that I wasn’t adding the numbers up well. Live and learn.