The bowling night with the M gang was a blast. I actually let my guard down and played a little better. Got THREE strikes! I was on cloud nine. By the end of the night I was messing up again, but nothing could get me down from cloud nine.

Oh and G played like a pro. Go Mordor! =D

The pub crawl also was a success. We somehow navigated through pubs that were crazy packed. Props to both O and E for organizing this one. Even W and P showed up! We had beer, got to eat at Madhatter’s, and had krispy krunch and irish car bomb shooters at the Irish Embassy.

After the pub crawl a few of us left tried to go to Thursdays. We had to do the coat check. J, O and his friend F got in. I stayed behind since W was waiting for P. The bouncers closed the barrier and wouldn’t people in. I saw some getting in… by slipping him 20 bucks. That’s a little rich just to get in for a few minutes. I threw in the towel. I had payed 2 bucks for them to just hold on to my coat and scarf. Oh well.

I walked home. Halfway there, I found something lying on the sidewalk. A 20 dollar bill.

Strange luck, this one I have. I’m still recovering from last night. Ow!