I said in my last post winter had come back after it looked like it was leaving. Yesterday and throughout last night, we had a storm here that grounded me inside my apartment.

But hey, I got to play some video games. I finally finished Portal. The game seems short for today’s standards but actually it’s not. Love the puzzles. You never get bored. Other games would have 50 levels of just killing the same monsters all over again in different color. That’s not a game for me. Give me Portal, a game where you need to THINK and I’m happy as a clam. There’s some timed puzzles but the challenge is not impossible. No insane button mashing here.

 I have to start 1701 A.D now. Some websites call it Anno 1701. I did the tutorial on my laptop but the screen is just not the same as my desktop. Perhaps it’s the light. I want to have my whole armada of tall ships. And I love the colonial look of the towns. It’s like playing SimCity but on islands, more detail and tall ships. Love tall ships.

I should be thinking about doing my taxes soon. Also, I need to install linux OpenSUSE on the other hard disk partition of the laptop and upgrade my desktop to OpenSUSE 10.3.

The Bonsecours outdoors skating rink is going to extend their run until march the 16th! 🙂 YAY

More later.