…time for a little confession.

I stopped posting for a while. After that, I saw someone’s post on blogger and since I already use several google applications it I started a blog there. However, a couple of things got on my way.

  1. I have more posts, albeit not a ton but more, here.
  2. No links to other stuff here, making me free to speak my mind behing the coward’s wall of anonymity.
  3. LiveJournal is not blocked by the firewall at my workplace, which blogger and others are.

So, I’ve come back. I should do a recap since my last post.

My teeth problems are behind me, as well as the bills I had to pay myself once I hit the maximum amount my insurance would cover. No more wisdom teeth.

Saw a few of those movies I listed last time.

  • King Kong had no surprises. Of course there was heavy CGI involved, still it gets on my nerves. Not so much as in other movies I could mention but won’t. I actually didn’t rent it, they were showing it on TV one night.
  • Mr and Mrs Smith had no surprises either. Beautiful people and guns formula. Breezed through it.
  • The Day After Tomorrow sucks. Sorry, I know it has some premise, it has a development, it has the humane factor and it has the usual green message. Nothing was believable or appealing to me. Nothing worked. I actually set the movie on double-time more than once.
  • Mean Girls. I expected too much and was let down from the start. The movie held back a bunch of times and the "meanness" was so dumbed down that it was no longer cartoonish. This was a Barbie movie with live actors. Tina Fey was severely underused, and yeah I know she’s involved in the writing on this movie. Kept thinking about Heathers all throughout this movie. I kept thinking Heathers would EAT this movie alive. After it was done, I now think it would spit it out.

However all is not lost in movie land. If you like great movies you need to go see:

  • No Country For Old Men. My only warning is that this is a slow movie. If you can’t be quiet, and are not patient then skip it for the rest of us. Javier Bardem does a terrific role. Despite the fact of the slow pace, please know this movie can and will become violent.
  • Juno. I’ve seldom seen a move that shines as good as this one. The dialogs are incredible. I wanted to save every morsel of speech you hear from this movie. This is an upbeat, quirky film about everyday life and (gulp!) teenage pregnancy. The characters are clear-cut but the plot is not predictable.

Other than that, there a few movies coming up I’d like to see. Charlie Barlett, if at least to see Kat Dennings on the screen. Walk All Over Me, for Leelee Sobieski on a title role once again. On my gray hud, Untraceable and Penelope show up.

We said good bye to our friend I. Hope she has a great new life in Germany.

I’m glad January is over, and February will be soon. I’ve got a few lunchs and dinners to organize. I’m now assistant manager of… nah, you’ll guess who I am if you’re from my city. March will bring in parties, the St. Patrick’s parade and a business trip. Oh and the winter has long overstayed its welcome. Cold days still ahead.

More later.