Another sunday night. I’m glad I managed to fill this weekend up with activities. I had a couple of cool parties the last two nights. Then I enjoyed a nice Cosmo brunch this morning. After that I had to do some shopping for winter boots and office slacks.

My writing is sloppy, I’ve had to rewrite that paragraph a couple of times and it still feels weak. That brings me to a very good reason to write a blog: improving my writing skills. It’s been a while since I’ve wrote something and a blog gets my old writing blood going. That can also be a bad thing, I should go to bed early tonight.

Oh, I got three complete volumes of Judge Dredd (UK comic trade hardcover versions, black and white). I was going to go for the color version which were shorter softcovers, probably American. Soo glad I got these, but now I want the others too. I already ate a volume and I’m more than halfway through another one. I haven’t read these since I was a kid.

Damn! At this time Mr. Kennedy (Kennedyyy), my favorite heel, has already faced Ric Flair at No Way Out… I want to know what happened in that match. I know following the WWE is not precisely something to brag about, but it’s very addictive.

On another news, I also went game hunting. I found Warcraft, but decided against it. Instead, I found Simcity Societies and 1701 AD as pre-owned games. I couldn’t resist one last Simcity, but 1701 AD although I do remember something of a review I seem to remember it wasn’t really good… anyways, the tall ships and trading posts… Whatever, both games were a steal.

On other news, Dad’s got a new car and he’s very happy with it. I miss doing the family road trips, those were cool when I was a kid.