…from everything.

Holidays meant family. Some of that is nice, some is annoying. None is unwelcome… but I’m glad to come back to my regular home.

Dentist visit. I knew I had to go through this one, I had set the appointment before leaving Montreal. I came back after the holidays to get three wisdom teeth extracted. The other one I had removed a long time ago. The last two were hard to get out, but the very last one was painful. I felt the drill right on top of the nerve. Ugh.

And now I’m on medication and I can’t eat what I like. I have to take these drugs every 6 hours. I was stuck with liquids initially. Now I’m having soups and such. Apparently I haven’t swelled up. My mouth tastes funny, and all wrong. My stomach aches and feels weird.

M left me a message inviting me to go skating on monday… I can’t tell at what time. I might like to go, but I’m still feeling a lot of pain and my stitches come out tuesday. Bad timing.

E has a new dinner event, but it’s Feb the 5th – I have the feeling I’ll be hurting after the root canal scheduled on Jan the 22th. Then again perhaps not. We shall see.

Does my next door neighbor knows how much noise he and his visits make? Weekdays are the worst.