Yeah I haven’t been posting here in a while…

So a couple of updates. Doing ok, trying to find the right formula for a stress-free life. Seems even when all things are going ok with me, I still have to find some excuse to be stressed out.

At work, R is out. G needs to step up his game. Have renewed respect for E.

Movies! I have a bunch that I need to see and in this list, some I might skip:

Movies yet to be seen
King Kong (2005) The Peter Jackson version. May just be  watchable
The Longest Yard Had to look it up. Adam Sandler? Not sure
Meet the Fockers Robert Deniro trying to be funny. Skip.
White Chicks Not sure. The Wayans brothers can be funny.
Mr & Mrs Smith Guns with Pitt and Jolie. Ok.
War of the Worlds Scientology Cruise creeps me out. Might skip.
The Day After Tomorrow Disaster and CGI flick.
50 First Dates Barrymore and Sandler again? Might skip.
Hitch Fresh prince and the king of queens. Might skip.
Save the Last Dance White girl trained by black inner city kid. Might skip.
Mean Girls Tina Fey is in this, and Lohan is still sane. Ok.
A cinderella story SKIP!
The Notebook Keeps popping up in trivia. Ok.
A Walk to Remember Sounds familiar? And also pops up a lot. Ok.