I haven’t had a good night’s rest this week. I fell asleep at odd hours, and waking up early or unrested. Luckily I’ve managed for it not to mess up my work attendance.

Thursday night was the worse, as I fell asleep as soon as I got home. Then I woke up at 1 am and was dumb enough to start doing stuff all around, which left me wide awake to do even more. I ended up staying awake until I realized it was 5 am and decided I’d blown my sleep. I got ready for work and actually opened the office.

I bragged about being awake at the pub. I think I annoyed I, not directly but apologizing for being annoying which I should know by know is REALLY annoying. The solution is not to apologize at all but to be a blatant brat knowingly.

Geek mode once again with M. She’s cute and outgeeks me at every turn. I can tell there’s no interest though, another friend zone to cruise by – but this one might be fun. She’s into all things geek and proposed we go see Rocky Horror when I said I had heard about it for a long time but never had the chance to go see it in all it’s oddness.

I though my green hornet costume was ready but now I think it needs something. Did you guess that was my costume after I kept posting Al Hirt’s Flight of the Bumblebee? No – because there’s nobody reading this blog. Internet of one. Nah, I musn’t let this get me down. I can’t and I won’t.

Instead let me see if I do a list of the things to do today.

  • Breakfast. I don’t care if it’s past noon, I want some. Moe’s nearby work was visited this week without me. Must make amends.
  • Gun. Relax, it should be a toy gun for my Halloween custom. I think I want to combine this with the Rocky Horror outing and make it a water gun. Where do I find water guns in this town… They’ve done water fights here there must be some somewhere. Dollar stores or I might even go to the Walmart at Namur Metro. It should be GREEN.
  • Makeup. Yeah I want to see if I darken my eyes, will make the mask effect even better. Zellers or even a dollar store would do. If I go to Walmart that will do too.
  • Beer! Keith’s or Rickard’s. I have to get beer. Or a bottle of Bailey’s. That would do as well. That’s a SAQ – on the way back home, or a short trip. I could go for the Dollarama and the SAQ/Metro on the nearby mall.
  • Tie. I almost forgot this one. I have to make sure I have a proper tie, and I don’t think I do. Should be black. Also check shirt and pants.

Let me write these down.

Breakfast should be the first order of the day. I can forget all the rest but I have to bring beer.